The Test Design Competition (TDC) is back with a greater challenge!


Demonstrate your skills and creativity in software test architecture and design and prize money totaling RM 28,000 awaits the winners. Form a group and register today! Closing date for registration is on the 17th March 2017 (for both OPEN and UNIVERSITY Categories). 


About Test Design Competition 2017 (TDC 2017)


Test Design Competition 2017 (TDC 2017) is the 4th edition of the competition which, for a given Test Object in a (hypothetical) Real-world Test Environment, requires participants to:

·         Develop the best possible Test Architecture and Design (for OPEN Category);

·     Respond to a ‘hybrid’ challenge which requires participants to partly complete their assignment before and another assignment revealed during the “over-the-weekend test challenge” (for UNIVERSITY Category),

Held in conjunction with SOFTEC Asia 2017, TDC 2017 offers total cash prizes of RM 28,000 for both Open and University Categories. 


Among others, the competition aims to promote creative and innovative systematic/software engineering-based approaches and techniques in software testing. It is also intended to increase visibility of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and testing practices in Malaysia as they help businesses to mitigate risks, and as a consequence, promote software tester as a strategic and rewarding career. 


Via the competition, MSTB aims to give recognition to testing skills excellence of software test professionals and discover new talents from among the students.


The Judging Criteria are based on several elements including effectiveness, efficiency and the creativity of test solutions submitted. Prize-giving ceremony for the competition will take place during the 1st day of SOFTEC Asia 2017 on August 1st, 2017.



1.     Participation MUST be in a group basis;

2.     Each group may comprise minimum of two (2) and up to five (5) individuals from the same or different Malaysian-registered organisations;

3.     Each group may have one (1) non-Malaysian citizen member;

4.     Minimum two (2) individuals in a group must be a CTFL certified or equivalent in order to participate.



1.     Participation MUST be in a group basis;

2.     Each group MUST comprise four (4) undergraduate student members, and MUST be accompanied by a supervising lecturer;

3.     All group members are mandatory to register including the supervising lecturer;

4.     Only one (1) group member can be foreign student, the rest MUST be Malaysian citizens;

5.     The competition will comprise three parts which are:

A. Advanced assignment (65 points);

B. ‘Over-the-weekend’ test challenge (25 points);

C. Presentation (10 points);

D. Bonus up to 20 points for professionalism, maturity and/or innovation points demonstrated during “over-the-weekend” test challenge

6.    A maximum of twenty (20) groups will be accepted for this competition. Ideally, the TDC 2017 organiser would want to have ONE (1) group per University. However, University may nominate up to three (3) groups for TDC 2017 – where, the second or third group will be accepted if there is any vacant slot within the limit of twenty (20). Selection of the additional groups shall be done via balloting;

7.     All members of the group are required to participate in “over-the-weekend” test challenge; and

8.     Presentation to Panel of Judges, which will take place at the end of ‘over-the-weekend’ assignment, MUST be done by student members of the group.


1.     More details will be provided in the TDC 2017 Reference Document

2.     Employees of MSTB, Q Lab Sdn. Bhd. and MSTB Board Member companies are not eligible to participate.


Prize Money



Winner: RM 15,000

Consolation prizes: RM 3,000 for two (2) Finalists


Winner: RM 5,000

Consolation prizes: RM 1,000 for two (2) Top Teams

Important Dates:



Group Registration Closing

31st March

17th March

Fee payment deadline

31st March

24th March (for a maximum of 20 groups)

Release of TDC 2017 Reference Document

29th  – 31st March (5pm)

29th  – 31st March (5pm)

University Category: Briefing for Lecturers (only for registered and paid groups)


10th or 11th April

Open Category; Q&A submission Closing

26th April

21st April

Open Category; Submission Deadline

9th June (5pm)


Open Category; Preliminary Round Presentations

8th – 9th July (Presentation slots will be pre-arranged by MSTB)


University Category; Over-the-weekend test assignment and presentations


15th July – 16th July

(Presentation slots will be decided by balloting during the session)

Open Category; Re-submission for Finalists

21st July


University Category;

Announcement of the Top Three (3) groups OR Tie-breaker assignment (if required)


17th – 19th July 2017

Final Round Presentations

31st July

31st July

(Tie-breaker round, if required)

Announcement of Results, Winners and Prize-giving

1st August (Day 1 of SOFTEC Asia 2017) @ KL Convention Centre

Registration Fees:

TDC 2017 – Registration Fees


Exclude 6% GST (MYR)

Include 6% GST (MYR)

Open - Group







GST No: 001742274560


The Mechanics

MSTB as the organiser will provide official TDC 2017 participants with the TDC 2017 Reference Document describing the Test Object, a (hypothetical) Real-world Test Environment, and all other relevant information. One (1) copy of this document will be released to the official participants once payment of the appropriate Registration Fee has been received.


The TDC 2017 Reference Document will only be released to the official participants once payment of the appropriate Registration Fee has been received;


Payment of Registration Fee:


Deposit/Online Transfer

Bank name: MAYBANK

Account name: Malaysian Software Testing Board

Account number: 5644 1870 5318

Reference: TDC 2017 <group name>


Please email a copy of Deposit Slip/Online Receipt to tdc@mstb.org

Participants for OPEN CATEGORY are required to develop an original Test Architecture and Test Design for the Test Object and (Hypothetical) Real-world Test Environment, based on certain methodology/approach such as the ISTQB Fundamental Test Process (FTP). Participants are encouraged to introduce their own methodology or innovate based on existing methodologies.


Participants for OPEN CATEGORY are required to produce and submit four (4) major deliverables:


o    Test Architecture Design (TAD),


o    Test Design Specification (TDS),


o    Test Case Specification document/list of test cases (i.e. test detail design document) and


o    Test Procedure (i.e. test implementation document)


Participants for UNIVERSITY CATEGORY on the other hand are required to produce, submit and present deliverables during “over the weekend test challenge”  (15th and 16th July 2017)


Judging for OPEN CATEGORY will be conducted in three (3) stages:


o    Initial


Participant will be scored based on the submission of the four (4) deliverables. Short-listed participants will proceed to the Preliminary round.


o    Preliminary


Participants will be required to present their case to the Panel of Judges (assuming the role of stakeholders). Short-listed participants will proceed to the Final round.


o    Final


Finalists are allowed to revise/improve their submissions. Another round of presentation (based on revised submissions) will be held to select the winner for each category.


Note: Panel of Judges for the Preliminary and Final may comprise international SQA professionals and/or Test professionals/experts.

Judging for UNIVERSITY CATEGORY on the other hand will be based on participants’ ability to complete the assignment based on the challenge given earlier and during the “over-the-weekend test challenge”. Subsequently, participants may be assigned to a “tie-breaker assignment” (if required) that will need to be presented and judged by a panel of judges.

The Finalists of the TDC 2017 for OPEN CATEGORY may be invited to showcase their Test Design at the designated exhibition booth during SOFTEC Asia 2017.

Submission of artefacts for OPEN CATEGORY are to be made via email: tdc@mstb.org

Terms and Conditions


The competition is open to all Malaysian individuals and Malaysian-registered organisations except for  employees of MSTB, Q-Lab Sdn. Bhd and MSTB's Board Member companies;


Decisions by the Panel of Judges shall be final and shall not be disputed;


The final judging scores will not be disclosed to the participants;


Registration fee must be paid before the TDC 2017 Reference Document can be released to participants;


Participants shall respect the Intellectual Property of the Test Object released by MSTB and keep the specifications in confidence;


Submissions of participants must be works originating in Malaysia;


Submission in English language only and in total, not more than 100 pages (A4) long including cover page;


MSTB reserves the right to keep, publish, share and/or distribute submitted deliverables to Panel of Judges and/or any other parties it deems fit;


Expenses that may be incurred by participants for the purpose of their participation, including attending Preliminary (for OPEN CATEGORY) or “over-the-weekend test challenge” (for UNIVERSITY CATEGORY) and Final presentations are to be borne by participants;


MSTB shall not be liable for any kind of loss, including loss in property, money, equipment, time and/or any other resources, experienced by participants due to their participation in TDC 2017;


MSTB reserves the rights to deny participation and disqualify participants , at any stage of the competition, for non-compliance and/or violation of any of the Terms and Conditions; and


By participating in this Test Design Competition, all participants shall be deemed to have agreed with all the TDC 2017 Terms and Conditions.

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