Herman Md Tahir

Test Consultant
Malaysian Software Testing Board, Malaysia

Herman is a Test Consultant at the Q-Laboratory (Q-LAB), a TMMi Level 5-certified software testing facility operated by MSTB. He currently serves as the Scheme Manager of MSTB’s Quality Software Product Certification (QS), international standards-based certification scheme. As the Scheme Manager, Herman is responsible to oversee all operational matters related to the QS scheme, an international standards-based certification scheme owned and operated by MSTB. This includes maintenance and implementation of Scheme policy and rules as well as supporting the various committees set up under the Scheme. Herman is also a member of Malaysian Delegation to the International Standards Organisation (ISO) Working Group 26 (WG 26) on ISO/IEC 29119 software testing standards. Specifically, he was involved in the technical review of draft standards, prior to voting. Herman holds a Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) from Universiti Malaya. His full involvement in software testing started in 2010 when he joined the Q-LAB. Prior to that, Herman had been involved in academic research, technical support and testing of software applications.