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Industry/ General MYR2,650.00MYR3,180.00MYR3,498.00    
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RE-ST 2019    MYR1,600.00MYR2,660.00MYR3,614.00MYR2,014.00


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  1. Conference tickets are subject to 6% SST.​
  2. Academia category excludes non-academic staff.
  3. Government category excludes Government-linked companies.
  4. Group Purchases - Buy 5 Conference Passports ticket (prevailing rate) and gets 1 free.
​​i) To enjoy Early Bird pricing, full payment must be made on or before the deadline.
ii) Buy 5 Conference Passports ticket (at prevailing rate) and gets 1 free
iii) Delegates MUST be from the same organisation
For Group Purchases please contact CAU.
Contact Number: +603-8996 4768

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