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SOFTECAsia 2018 is the 11th edition of Asia's premier event on software testing, organised by the Malaysian Software Testing Board (MSTB).​

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Jon Hagar

Erik van Veenendaal

Kathirrasan K. Kupusamy


Analytics in Testing

The advent of Data Analytics tools is adding another dimension in Software Testing practice. ‘Intelligence’ derived from the analytics of raw data/information relevant to the test object can provide ‘insights’ on the anticipated usage pattern of system/application to assist testers develop better Test Plans.

Software Testing are not getting any easier. As systems and applications get more sophisticated, testing becomes more complex. The scope of testing is getting bigger – more areas must be covered and greater number of elements such as devices, embedded applications, connectivity and data – in various combinations/configurations – must also be tested. At the same time, as the pressure for time-to-market increases, the time to complete the test is getting shorter.

Smarter ways of testing would be needed for both test professionals and their organisations to achieve and maintain timeliness and effectiveness of their testing practice. Incorporating ‘intelligence’ into the testing process certainly augurs well for this intent. Evidently, Analytics Testing is an emerging technique to implement this approach to testing.   


At SOFTECAsia 2018, we will delve further into Analytics Testing. Collectively, speakers will strive to answers to questions such as: 


What are the things that we should know about Analytics Testing?

How big an impact would Analytics Testing on Software Quality Assurance (SQA) practice as it is today?

What does it mean to today’s test professionals?

How can this technique help businesses?

… and more!

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