Pre-event Registration

SOFTECAsia 2018 Registration counters will be opened on September 2nd, 2018 (Sunday) to facilitate advanced registration for delegates.


Sunday, 2nd September 2018

Pre-conference events - by Invitation

1.     Postgraduate Research Workshop (PRW)

2.    Business Networking Session

0900 – 1300

Post Graduate Research Workshop (PRW)


PRW 2018 is the seventh edition of the ‘Academic Track’ of ​SOFTEC Conference. The workshop provides​ a platform for postgraduate students to present their on-going research work in the fields related to software testing and software quality assurance (SQA) to a ‘mentoring’ panel consisting of lecturers of Malaysian universities and speakers at SOFTEC events.


The Panel would provide constructive feedback and guidance to participating postgraduate students towards improving their research works. Members of the Panel would also collectively select a recipient for the year’s Best Research Paper Award.


1430 – 1730

Business Networking Session


This session is intended to provide a platform for delegates and speakers to have interaction skewed towards business issues. Participation by delegates would be ‘By Invitation Only’ basis.


The session will have two parts:

Each speaker host a discussion on specific business topic (of speaker’s choice). Invited delegates will join the discussion tables on ‘rotational’ basis over 20 – 30 minutes periods.


This if be followed by a free format interaction among participants.


1750 – 1800

Speakers Briefing

END of Pre-Conference Events



​​ Monday, 3rd September 2018 (DAY 1)​


EMCEE Introduction​


Welcome Remark – MSTB

0915 – 1005

Keynote 1: "Test Strategies, Analytical Testing & Beyond" by Erik van Veenendaal (TMMi Foundation)

1005 – 1030

Morning Break

1030 – 1120

Keynote 2: "From Testing to Cognitive QA" by John Fodeh (Capgemini Sogeti)

1120 – 1210

Keynote 3: "How Analytics Can Drive Software Test Architectures and Advanced Support Environments" by Jon Hagar (Grand Software Testing)

1210 – 1300

Keynote 4: "Positioning Malaysian IVV Industry in the Global Map - Public Sector Spearheading the Way" by Kathirrasan Kupusamy (MAMPU, PM's Department)

1300 – 1400


1400 – 1530

CT 1

CT 2

CT 3

CT 4

CT 5

CT 6

Laura Hagar

Combining Agile Principles with Data Analysis for Test Teams

John Fodeh

Taking the Pulse of Testing World - Highlights of World Quality Report

Jon Hagar

What is Analytics Testing Anyways?

Erik van Veenendaal

TMMI in context - ISO 29119 & Agile​

Jean-Paul Varwijk

Leveraging Data Analytics for Financial Business Intelligence System

Amiruddin Jaafar Sidek

Quantifying Confidence Using Metrics – an IV&V Perspective


1540 – 1630

Keynote 5: "Testing is Constant Learning" by Tom Wissink (Intervise Consultants)

1630 – 1645

Afternoon Break

1645 – 1745

Panel Discussion: Analytics in Testing

Moderator: Micheal Cornelius

Panellists: Erik van Veenendaal, John Fodeh, Jon Hagar, Tom Wissink

1745 – 1800

PRW Award Presentation and Closing

 ​END of DAY 1

*CT - Concurrent Track

Disclaimer: Programme may change without prior notice.​


Tuesday, 4th September 2018 (DAY 2)​




TT 3



TT 6

0900 – 1300​

Erik van Veenendaal



 Practical Risk-Based Testing

John Fodeh




Applying a Test Strategy

Jon Hagar​




 Using Data Analytics to Drive Testing Critical Mobile, Embedded and IoT Devices

Matthias Lampe




 How to Fit into Agile Projects as Tester or Requirements Engineer/Business Analyst

Laura Hagar


Hands-on Round Table Workshop: Improving SQA, SCM and Testing Processes Using Data Analytics

Jean-Paul Varwijk



DevOps and Software Testing Metrics in Financial Service Sector


1300 - 1400


1400 - 1800



TT 3



TT 6

Erik van Veenendaal



 Requirements Engineering for Testers

John Fodeh




Pragmatic Test Metrics

Jon Hagar




 Using Data Analytics to Drive Testing of Critical Mobile, Embedded​ and IoT Devices 


Matthias Lampe




 Qualitative & Quantitative User and Usability Testing – a Career Path from Testing to UX

Tom Wissink


Test Automation: Stories of the Good, the Bad and the Lessons Learned

Jean-Paul Varwijk



DevOps and Software Testing Metrics in Financial Service Sector



END of SOFTEC Asia 2018

*TT - Tutorial Track

*TT3 & TT6 are a full day sessions​


Disclaimer: Programme may change without prior notice.​