Shaun Bradshaw

Vice President of Consulting Solutions
Zenergy Technologies

Shaun Bradshaw, VP of Consulting Solutions for Zenergy Technologies, has over seventeen years in the IT industry and is a recognized expert and thought leader in QA and test process improvement, test management, and metrics implementations. Utilizing practical methods and approaches, Shaun optimizes their effectiveness for clients by crafting recommendations into manageable segments that can be incrementally implemented. His exceptional communication skills combined with significant consulting experience and expert grasp of QA and test process improvement makes Shaun an in-demand speaker on the major QA and testing industry conference circuit. Known for his presentations on test metrics, the S-Curve, and the Zero Bug Bounce, Shaun has presented at many of the major North American conferences, including: - STAREAST - STARWEST - QAI’s Quest Conference - TesTrek Canada - STPCon Additionally, the Quality Assurance Institute, a leading industry authority on QA and testing, rebrands and markets the test management and metrics classes that Shaun created and teaches for Zenergy. A full list of Shaun’s classes can be found here. In 2007, Shaun—then with Questcon Technologies—led and managed an outsourced testing effort for MIT in Cambridge, MA, that helped the university win an InfoWorld 100 award for use of OpenLaszlo. Full text can be read here. In 2012, Shaun completed a Zenergy test management engagement on a $70 million PeopleSoft/Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence project for a $5 billion financial institution. As the QA architect and strategist, Shaun managed a team of eight for the 18 month project, which went live in July of 2012 with no major issues. Shaun also traveled to Egypt recently to deliver his metrics class to a leading communication provider. Shaun is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and minor in Computer Science.