This is the inaugural national-level competition which requires participants to come up with good (effective & efficient) Test Design for a given Test Object/Subject, which will come in the form of Specifications for a software/software-embedded product.

The competition aims to:

1.      Increase awareness on Software Quality Assurance (SQA) practices among organisations and individuals

2.      Increase visibility of Software Test Professional Practices in Malaysia

3.      Promote Software Tester as a viable career option

4.      Give recognition to testing skills excellence

5.      Encourage constructive interaction among member of Malaysia's Software Testing fraternity​


For more info please download the attachment ​Test Design Competition 2014 for Web V1 1.pdfTest Design Competition 2014 for Web V1 1.pdf



The competition is divided into two categories:


1.   Open – for all Malaysia – based software test practitioners
a.  Participation can be on individual or group basis
b.  Individual participants MUST be Malaysia citizens.
c.  Group may comprise up to five (5) individuals from the same or different Malaysian – registered organisation.Group of five (5) may include a foreign member.
2.   University – for teams from Malaysian universities
a.  Each team can have up to 5 members and MUST  include a lecturer.
b.  At (majority Malaysian Citizens)

c.  Any presentation, should it be required, must be done by a student member of the team.​