​Why be a Certified Tester

 Software testing certification and accreditation opens up a whole new world of possibilities for a tester. With internationally recognized certification, software testers will be well equipped to leverage their knowledge in providing premium service across all their engagements. 
 Certification in the field of software-testing is a valuable asset as it increases the marketability of a software-tester within an organization or industry. Professional certification adds value and helps accelerate an individual’s career path. Qualified testers can work with organizations across different industries to effect improvements including time and cost reductions, enhanced productivity, and a higher return on investment.
 The ISTQB certification programme is developed by working groups of the ISTQB comprising worldwide volunteer experts in the field of software testing including practitioners, consultants, trainers, and academics from more than 50 ISTQB member countries. This distilled wisdom of over 200 experts and over 1,000 person-years of testing experience is the foundation of the certification programme.
 With Malaysia gearing to be a regional software testing hub, opportunities are abundant for Malaysians to take advantage of this global opportunity presented to them.