Services Offering

We offer a world-class testing facility with specialisation in providing quality testing and related professional services. Our lab offers tailored combinations of software testing, product certification, testing facilities rental and consultancy services. The committed and knowledgeable professional testers promise to deliver our services most efficiently and to the exact requirements of clients.

Learn more about the services that we have to offer:

Independent Verification and Validation (IVV)
            •  Third-party/Independent Testing
            •  Software Quality Evaluation/Testing

Consultancy Services

            •  Test practices and processes review
            •  Requirements review – “Early Testing”
            •  Customised test tools workshops

Field Testing

            •  Testing of R&D and novel products

              In actual or simulated markets

               Benchmark against competitions and/or global standards


Testing on Demand

            •  As a strategic testing partner

            •  As and when needed/required 


Infrastructure Services

OPEX model for utilisation of testing services and facilities at Q-LAB:

     •  Test automation tools (from multiple vendors)

     •  Test bays (secured & unsecured)


Delivery of services by the Q-LAB is led by experienced and certi­fied software test consultants, supported by teams of certifi­ed professional software testers

Commercial Collaborations

Q-LAB, through MSTB, is open for mutually beneficial collaborations in various areas of software testing and quality assurance fields. To date, several innovative schemes have been introduced. They include:

Test Assist Programme (Q-TAP)

The Q-TAP is specific programme intended to assist Malaysian-owned organisations to build their internal software testing capability, which in turn would help them improve the quality of their products.

Once the programme is completed, participating organisations may opt to continue build their in-house testing facility, or go on the OPEX model with the Q-Lab.


The Q-TAPPlus is a programme to assist Malaysian-owned organisations to build their capability and competency to provide third-party/independent software testing services. The programme covers individual and organisational competencies as well as processes within participating companies; towards accreditation by Standards Malaysia.

Under the current public sector procurement guidelines (expected to be enforced in 2016), accreditation by Standards Malaysia is required for vendors to participate in software testing tenders issued by the Government of Malaysia.


Software Quality Evaluation

Quality of a software product encompasses more than just functionality, reliability and usability. Other contributing elements include the product’s efficiency, maintainability and portability. The Systems Test Lab offers quality evaluation of software products based on MS 1883 Part 1: 2005 (IDT to ISO/IEC 9126-1:2001) and MS 1883 Part 2: 2005 (Technically identical to ISO/IEC TR 9126-2:2003) standards on software engineering product quality,


These are not the only possibilities. We are keen to explore collaborations in other areas such as applied research, product certification, capability development, et cetera.