Q-Industry Development

Software testing is a billion dollar industry globally. In Malaysia, the industry is still in its infancy and is largely untapped. Q-Industry Development refers to part of the Malaysia Software Testing Hub program that aims to raise awareness about software testing and the availability of training and international accreditation.

Through the MSTH program, MSTB is driving efforts to promote software testing as an integral part of operations applicable across various industries. MSTB’s key endeavour is to promote the implementation of early testing, which is the application of software testing in the early stages of software development. The availability of certified professional testers through the Q-Capability Development program will hopefully create a demand and sustain the need for software testing in the country, and eventually worldwide.

Among the efforts exercised in promoting software testing and the Malaysia Software Testing Hub is the annual Software Testing Conference (SOFTEC), which first began in 2008.

Test Talks and Q-Talks with international software testing experts and professionals are held nationwide throughout the year targeting practising and aspiring software testers, and C-Level executives. The calendar of events for the talks is available on event section.