About Q-Portal

The Q-Portal is poised to be the gateway to connect budding and professional software testers to the industry. Q-Portal, MSTH’s online arm, is designed to create awareness about the Malaysia Software Testing Hub (MSTH) program in the cyber world.
The public can access information on the dates and venues of upcoming training sessions via Q-Portal and get updates about the industry and upcoming events, training sessions, certification examinations, and seminars. Sample training syllabus and certification examination questions are available for downloading in the Q-Portal.
Q-Portal also functions as an online community for software testers with chat rooms and forums on the latest developments in software testing as well as issues, challenges, and opportunities in the industry.
The Q-Portal also connects people to services/products related to the software testing industry where companies can advertise job vacancies, products, services, and their overall software testing needs on the portal. These services are available for privileged members only. Interested parties can apply for membership online via the Q-Portal. Membership categories include corporate, professional, and students.