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Who is International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB)?

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Who is International Software Testing Qualification Boards (ISTQB)?

• Officially founded as an International Software Testing Qualifications Board in Edinburgh, Scotland, in November 2002. Subsequently, registered as a legal entity under Belgium law.

• Introduced the international qualification scheme called “ISTQB Certified Tester”. The qualifications are based on a syllabus, and there is a hierarchy of qualifications and guidelines for accreditation and examination.

• The scheme is internationally accepted and currently there  are 45 Board Members  representing 55 countries ,
i.e. one board in one country, hence MSTB represents  Malaysia in the ISTQB.

• There are 130,000 certified testers world wide as at October 2009.

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What is Malaysian Software Testing Board (MSTB)?


What is MSTB doing?

• As a member of the ISTQB, MSTB provides the leadership and regulates the  ISTQB accreditation process and certification regulations for the Malaysian software industry.

• As a representative of the IREB, MSTB regulates the IREB certification regulations for the Malaysian software industry.

• The above is delivered through promoting the development of a common body of understanding and knowledge about software testing and requirements engineering, via alignment with ISTQB’s & IREB’s programs that are internationally recognized.

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How long does the MSTH program last?


What is of the objective the MSTH program?

• To incubate a testing hub that is internationally competitive.

• To stimulate the local software testing as an independent industry.

• To introduce an innovative apprenticeship scheme as a capacity and capability development model for Q-Workers, with the participation of the private industries having strategic talent pool, for a new cluster for national competitiveness.

• Promote “innovative or industry-friendly” policies to the Government for implementation so as to ensure the MTH program objectives can be achieved. Ultimately, to promote  policies that can ensure that the initiatives developed within the MTH are achievable.

• Develop a viable sustainability model in support of software product certifications and endorsements, by independent IV&V, for export to international markets which is in line with the government’s economic objective.


What is the Malaysia Software Testing Hub (MSTH) program?


What is the scope of the MSTH program?

The scope of this program covers:

• Training & certification of a talent pool through a specified apprenticeship program via Q-Capability (Q-Cap) program. The talent Pool are selected and offered after going through a stringent selection process.

• Q-Lab program that is the setup of testing facilities (or Q-Lab) accommodating approximately 100 apprentices as Test Professionals. This includes establishing  Testing clusters and securing local & international clients  in collaboration with the GoM  ministries and agencies such as MATRADE.

• Q-Industry program, that is to promote a mindset change on the importance of testing in all Quality Assurance activities across the industries.

• Q-Cap program for the industry, where selected individuals are to be certified as qualified testers. These individuals MUST be selected, recommended and “guaranteed” by their own organization to participate in this unique initiative. A set of criteria are available upon request through info@mstb.org .

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Are there any trainings provided and exams to be taken in the Q-Lab during my apprenticeship program?


As a selected participant in the apprenticeship program, what are our assignments in Q-Lab?

Real life test projects located in Malaysia which may include special assignment overseas.

As selected participant in MSTH apprenticeship program, is there any penalties would be imposed if I withdraw halfway?


Can anybody apply for the MSTH apprenticeship program?

Yes, based on the following criteria: -

• Open to Malaysian Citizen only.

• Applicants must have completed tertiary education level in the fields of engineering, sciences, technical or IT.

• Notes:

*The program includes sponsorship for the CTFL Training and the CTFL Exam.

*The program includes sponsorship for the CPRE Training and the CPRE Exam.

*ALL application is subject to evaluation and approval by MSTB. Successful applicants will be notified.

If I'm selected as participant, will MSTB assist me to move?


If I'm selected for the apprenticeship program, is it a full time and permanent job?

• None of the above. It’s an apprenticeship program via structured recruitment process to jump start the program so as to achieve its objectives.

• It’s a full time posting of until end of 2010, which maybe extended upon the future evaluation of the MTH program by the GoM.

If I'm selected, what will happen to me after the end of the apprenticeship program?


Is there any public transportation to the Testing Hub (Q-Lab)?

Yes, there is number of public transportation available within the vicinity such as buses, Taxi & LRT (Light Railway Transit).

What are the apprenticeship being offered under the Q-Lab ?


What are the salaries and benefit in the apprenticeship program?

There are no salaries since it’s an apprenticeship program except that, allowances which are equivalent to the industry remunerations,  are offered during the whole duration of the program. The quantum will commensurate with the experience of the individual or professional selected.

What is the Q-Lab?


What type of technology being used by MSTB in the Testing Hub (Q-Lab)?

The program uses:-

• Various tool-supported test automation for test projects execution, including:

     • Test Script Generator
     • Test Management Tool
     • Static Analysis Tool
     • Automated Test Execution Tool

• Implementation of various leading test workbenches for in-house implementation:

     • Technology Independent

When will the commencement of the apprenticeship if I'm selected?


Where is the location of the Q-Lab?

It is situated   in the Q-Lab model office at Puchong Jaya , Selangor Darul Ehsan .

Who are the trainers in the apprenticeship program?


Will MSTB provide any lodging during the apprenticeship program?

No, however, MSTB shall provide assistance on a case to case basis.

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What is Q-Portal?